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In Babelle, you are given six guesses to identify the nation in which a city is found. Each response must be the name of an actual nation or region...

You have six guesses in BABELLE to determine which nation the city is located in. Each response must contain the name of a real nation or area. You will learn the distance, direction, and distance between your prediction and the target nation when you make your prediction.

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The Player must make intelligent assumptions about the city's location using what they know about the globe map and city layout. Babelle will let you know how many kilometers and percentage points you have traveled after each incorrect nation guess. Although it also displays a small arrow indicating the precise location of the country, you must be in the middle and close before placing sixth and last (relative to the location of the country you guessed wrong).

Babelle is a commonplace puzzle game that requires you to figure out a solution. Babelle only allows you to play one game every day, so you can't spend too much time playing it. Hope you enjoy it! So what are dolphins known as?

Babelle is a Wordle-inspired game that players find to be highly engaging and alluring. The aim of the country-guessing game is to rapidly identify the enigmatic term. To do the challenge fast, make use of the game's hints. Why don't you try playing Babelle right now? Let's get going!


Vivid 2D feature pictures.
Contrary to the clock
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Play that is both fascinating and pleasant.

How to play Babelle

Using mouse or keyboard.