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Color Match 3D

Color Match 3D invites players to embark on a puzzle adventure that not only challenges their cognitive abilities but also allows for artistic expression...

Color Match 3D: A Creative Fusion of Artistry and Logic in a Puzzle Adventure

Dive into a world of vibrant hues and captivating puzzles with Color Match 3D, a unique and free online puzzle game designed specifically for boys. This innovative take on drawing and coloring games goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering an engaging experience that blends color theory, spatial understanding, and artistic expression. With the freedom to paint anytime and anywhere, Color Match 3D is not just a brain game; it's an endless source of fun infused with a splash of creativity.


  1. Creative Puzzle Adventure: Color Match 3D stands out as an innovative blend of brain games, drawing games, and coloring games. Immerse yourself in a puzzle adventure that challenges your color-matching skills while encouraging artistic expression.

  2. Palette Mixing: Progress through the game with a palette of colors at your disposal. Mix and match colors to perfectly match the target color provided, adding a layer of intellectual challenge to the gameplay.

  3. 3D Models for Artistic Expression: Use your brush strokes on 3D models that require your artistic touch. Every move tests your understanding of colors and pushes your intellectual boundaries.

  4. Grading System: Your precision in color selection and blending is graded based on how accurately you match your mixed colors with the target. Strive for perfection to achieve higher grades and showcase your color-matching skills.

  5. Real-World Consequences: The paintings you create have real-world consequences. High-quality designed items stand a chance to be auctioned, adding a delightful competitive edge to the game. Your masterpieces may be displayed in your in-game orchard for all to admire.

How to Play:

  1. Palette Mixing: Utilize the provided color palette to mix and match colors to create the perfect blend that matches the target color.

  2. 3D Model Painting: Apply your artistic skills by using brush strokes on 3D models. Each stroke contributes to the overall creation, requiring precision and attention to detail.

  3. Grading System: Strive for accuracy in color matching to achieve higher grades. The grading system adds a competitive element, encouraging players to perfect their color-matching skills.

  4. Real-World Impact: Your creations in Color Match 3D could have real-world consequences, with the potential for items to be auctioned or displayed in your in-game orchard.

Color Match 3D invites players to embark on a puzzle adventure that not only challenges their cognitive abilities but also allows for artistic expression. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or someone seeking a unique fusion of artistry and logic, this game provides a refreshing and engaging experience. Are you ready to blend colors, paint 3D models, and showcase your mastery in the vibrant world of Color Match 3D?

How to play Color Match 3D

Use mouse