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Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 seamlessly combines the cherished aspects of the original series with new characters and challenges. With its endearing storyline and...

Cut The Rope 2: A Sweet Sequel with New Challenges and Characters

Join Om Nom, the lovable spherical reptile with an insatiable sweet tooth, on a delightful adventure in Cut The Rope 2. This sequel to the original Cut The Rope series introduces a captivating storyline where Om Nom's candy is stolen by mischievous spiders, prompting the need for your assistance in retrieving the treats. With the familiar rope-cutting mechanic at its core, Cut The Rope 2 expands upon the beloved formula by introducing new characters, challenges, and a charming plot that adds depth to the gameplay.

How to Play:

Cut The Rope 2 is a 2D physics puzzle game that utilizes swipe and tap mechanics, easily recreated by the mouse. Interact with objects in each level by moving the cursor over them and clicking the Left Mouse Button. Swipe by clicking and holding the Left Mouse Button, then dragging across the area. The goal is to guide a colorful candy safely to Om Nom, earning three Medals by collecting stars, fruits, and accomplishing specific tasks.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Strategic Pacing: While some levels require quick reactions, most allow you to set your own pace. Carefully examine the environment, understand how objects interact, and plan your moves accordingly.

  2. Observe and React: Take time to observe the level's elements and how they interact with each other. Anticipate the candy's movement based on physics, devices, and obstacles.

Cut The Rope 2 Nommies: Meet the Nommies, new characters that bring unique abilities to the gameplay:

  1. Rotos: Flying helicopter creatures that carry Om Nom and candy to different spots.
  2. Lick: A creature with a long tongue, creating bridges to aid Om Nom.
  3. Blue: Blocky beings that multiply to form stacks and move objects.
  4. Toss A creature with a spring on its head, launching Om Nom to new heights.
  5. Boo: A scary creature that startles Om Nom, causing him to jump back.
  6. Snailbrow: A one-eyed Snail that moves objects but can be stopped by tapping.
  7. Ginger: A living fireball that burns certain objects on contact.


  1. Engaging Storyline: Cut The Rope 2 introduces a plot with spiders stealing Om Nom's candy, adding depth to the charming world of the game.
  2. Expanded Mechanics: The core rope-cutting mechanic is enhanced with the introduction of Nommies, each offering unique abilities to aid Om Nom.
  3. Power-Ups: Earn coins to unlock power-ups, including Bombs, Balloons, Teleporters, and Hints, adding strategic elements to the gameplay.

Cut The Rope 2 seamlessly combines the cherished aspects of the original series with new characters and challenges. With its endearing storyline and expanded mechanics, this sequel offers a delightful continuation of Om Nom's adventures. Dive into the sweet world of Cut The Rope 2 and help Om Nom reclaim his stolen candy with strategic rope-cutting and the assistance of charming Nommies.

How to play Cut the Rope 2

Use mouse