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Dino Game

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About Dino Game

Dino Chrome Game is super popular, with a massive 270 million people playing it every month. Originally, you could only play it when your internet was down, but now you can play it anytime without downloading anything.

How to play Dino Game


In Dino Game, you're a dinosaur on an adventure. Then you travel back to ancient times, playing as a cute dinosaur and having a great time.
You'll come across prickly cacti and dangerous flying reptiles. Don't forget to collect special Easter eggs along the way!

Dinosaur Game’s Controls

Tips to win Dino Game

  1. Get the Timing Right in T-rex Game: Jump at just the right time to avoid obstacles.
  2. Stay Calm: As the game speeds up, stay cool and focused to make the best moves.
  3. Practice Regularly: Like anything, practice makes perfect. Keep playing to get better.
  4. Set Goals: Try to beat your best scores to improve.
  5. Learn When to Jump High or Low: Figure out when to do small jumps and when to jump high to clear obstacles.