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Dribble Game

The game will let you know whether your estimate was accurate once you make it, and if so, where your other colleague falls in the chain of links...

A word-guessing game with an NBA theme, Dribble Game is modeled after the well-known Wordle game. The object of the game is to pair up two NBA players who have no more than six teammates in common.

How to Play the Dribble Game?

Choose two NBA athletes. They can be players from any era, both present and past.
The two players' names should be entered in the corresponding fields on the game board.
A list of six or fewer teammates who have played with both players will be generated by the game. The "links" between the two players are these.
By inputting the names of the shared teammates in the corresponding fields on the game board, you can guess the links.

The game will give feedback after each estimate as to whether it was accurate and, if so, where the mutual teammate falls in the chain of links.
You can connect the two NBA players with six or fewer shared teammates if you keep guessing.
Since the game is timed, your score will increase the quicker you correctly predict the link chain. Similar to Wordle, the objective is to get the right answer with the fewest number of guesses. Have fuan and good luck!

How to play Dribble Game

Use mouse