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For true word puzzle fans, Duotrigordle is a version of Wordle that is more difficult. Now, instead of making a single guess, you must use 37 guesses to...

For those who truly enjoy word puzzles, Duotrigordle is a variant of Wordle that is more challenging. Now, you have to find 32 words with 37 guesses rather than just one. The screen will display 32 boards, but only one word may be entered at a time. By breaking down boards block by block and using colored hints, you must find as many accurate words as you can. Play Duotrigordle and share your top results online!

How do you play Duotridordle?

  1. Begin typing the word with any random letter. Use the keyboard that is shown at the grid's bottom. Four words will all contain the same letter at the same time.
  2.  Hit "Enter" once you've typed five characters. Fill the board with words as you go. The board will be locked and you will go on to the next if you correctly anticipate every word there.
  3. Color cues will let you know how near your color guess is to be accurate. You have correctly located and positioned the letters if you can see green tiles. Yellow tiles show that the letters were correctly chosen but were positioned incorrectly. Because they are absent from the word, these tiles are gray.
  4. Scroll down to see the 32 blocks one by one. To accurately identify as many words as you can, you have 37 chances.
  5. Once every mystery has been solved, you can post your findings online.

How to play Duotrigordle

Use mouse