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Footdle is a game based on the popular word game wordle, but this time it has been adapted to guess a football player from the Top 5 Leagues in the database...

Footdle is a dynamic type of bluffing game. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. The game was designed with Moviedle in mind, but it has much more to offer than that. Each participant has six chances to guess the name and position of the ball player. Isn't this unbelievable? Footdle Nagy has teamed up with an unusual individual to assist you in locating the enigmatic Bridge.

One player is chosen at random from the top 300 players in FIFA 22's top five leagues. You have a total of 12 chances to correctly identify the player. The database contains individuals from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. It's more difficult to figure out what to do on Wordle. Footdle, like the other variations, can only be played once per day. Users can choose between Toda's challenge mode and random challenge mode when playing the game.

How "Footsteps" is performed

This question gives you 12 chances to answer correctly. You must know the name of the soccer player, who could be from any of the countries listed above. You can challenge anyone and discuss it on social media if you win. You must know the player's name, the location of the club, the league, and the country of origin. Every day, the user will be presented with a list of all possible players and must select one of them to be their player for the day.

Every day, something new about a shady player is discovered. The color red indicates that the match is incorrect, while the color green indicates that it is correct. To make it easier to find, almost every player in the database from the Top 5 Leagues (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, IT) is still likely to be a higher-ranked player. If you can't figure out the answer, one thing you can do is play Footdle in "incognito mode."


Images in three dimensions.
Vocabulary Recall Improvement.
The creation and rebirth of words.
A fun and interesting pastime.

How To Participate

Its simplicity and 12-attempt limit have propelled it to viral status. Footdle Online is a word-guessing game that requires no download.

The 1-grid design of Footdle allows you to concentrate on quickly guessing a football player.
Determine the player's name, position, league, nationality, and club. You can help yourself by using game suggestions.
Footdle requires you to predict a football player in 12 attempts. The game displays all of the available players, and you must select the Footdle player for today. Players are given one-of-a-kind clues. Every day, new mystery players!

How to play Footdle

Use mouse