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Letter Boxed

As the name implies, Letter Boxed Unlimited allows you to play an unlimited number of times per day. In this game, you must place each letter one at a time into.

Letter boxed game, in which you place each letter one at a time into the 4 by 4 grid to create as many 3- and 4-letter words as you can across and down.

At the top of the screen, a box near the Next button fills with random letters. To insert the letter, click or tap anywhere on the empty playing grid. When you're happy with where you've placed the letter, press the Next button to lock it in place and receive the letter that follows. You can try it in various squares.

Determine how frequently you can defeat Lexi, the computerized opponent. If space allows, Lexi's playing grid will show up next to or below yours on the screen. Lexi's grid can be viewed at any time by clicking on her name on the scoreboard if it isn't already visible. Click "You" to return to your personal grid.

After clearing the grids in the previous game, press the Next button to begin a new one. Running totals are maintained until one of you or Lexi hits 100 or more.

Simply press the Clear button at any time to reset all scores and start a new series.

The letters are chosen at random from a pool of letters, roughly in proportion to their frequency of appearance in English words (see table at right). Since letters are picked randomly, they may only appear once or twice in any one game. In a game, no more than three of each letter or more than seven vowels are permitted (A, E, I, O, or U). The letter QU is regarded as a single letter.

All four-letter words that you can make in any row or column are listed. Simply click the? button at the beginning of the row or column about which you want to learn more. The only requirement is that at least one letter already exists in the row or column. The word list takes into account the letters that have already been used in the game.

How to play Letter Boxed

Use mouse