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MLB Pickle

You have nine tries to correctly identify a baseball player in the intriguing game MLB Pickle. The Pickle Game gives you the option to brag about your...

A fun and amusing game for Major League Baseball enthusiasts is MLB Pickle (MLB). Players are chosen at random from a list of MLB players from the United States, operating on a similar principle as a wordle. The aim of the game is to correctly guess these players' names using the hints and cues given. For baseball fans who enjoy challenging their friends to games to see who can score the highest and test their sports knowledge, this game is ideal. Any MLB fan is going to spend countless hours with MLB Pickle thanks to its intriguing gameplay and thrilling components.

In the Wordle game MLB Pickle, your objective is to correctly identify a baseball player in nine tries. Once you've solved the mystery of this intriguing persona, The Pickle Game allows you to share your accomplishment on social media. As a result, you can spread the information to your friends!


The word-guessing game MLB Pickle is absolutely free and doesn't require any downloads or installations. In the game MLB Pickle, you must focus entirely on identifying a baseball player from a few indications using a grid method.

Playing MLB Pickle

Because of how easy the gameplay and rules are, this game has become very popular. Only nine daily attempts are available for you to complete MLB Pickle's challenge.

The player's name, team, age, league/division, and position must be located. You'll get the game's hints as you make your selections. A match is indicated by any column that is green. The Age column's color code of yellow denotes a 2-year age gap for the mystery player.

Choose a player: A player is chosen at random from a list of MLB players from the United States.

Look at the hints: There are hints and cues regarding the selected player, including information about their position, team, stats, etc.

Identify the name: Utilize the offered hints and cues to accurately guess the player's name.

Get points: Each accurate estimate is worth one point. More points are available if you can guess the name more quickly.

Repetition is required: Choose a new player to play with, and using the tips given, try to guess their name.

Note: Depending on the platform or version you are using, MLB Pickle's specific guidelines and scoring methodology may change. Before beginning the game, make sure you are familiar with the rules.



How to play MLB Pickle

Use mouse