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Pizza Tower

Fast-paced 2D platformer Pizza Tower is modeled after the Wario Land series and emphasizes mobility, exploration, and score attack. With striking stylization...

You play Peppino Spaghetti, a tense and irritated Italian chef and proprietor of a struggling pizzeria. Pizzaface, the titular Pizza Tower's ruler and a gigantic sentient pizza, confronts him one day and threatens to use a massive laser to demolish Peppino's restaurant. As a result, Peppino sets out on a mission to take down the Pizza Tower and save his business with the aid of fellow pizza cook Gustavo.

In the game, you navigate the many levels of the aforementioned Pizza Tower, gathering animated Toppins and pizza toppings as you go. Peppino faces numerous corny foes as he advances through the tower's various levels. After defeating their defenses and taking out the level's Pillar John, the player has to hastily return to the beginning of the level because it is about to collapse.

That game sounds entertaining and thrilling! Pizza Tower seems to be a 2D platformer that is modeled after the Wario Land series, which is renowned for emphasizing movement, exploration, and score attack. The game's quirky pixel imagery, which draws inspiration from '90s cartoons, gives it a distinctive aesthetic appeal. The audio also promises to be quite upbeat, which will further enhance the mood of the game.

You can anticipate navigating several stages while controlling your character to move around obstacles and fight off opponents. Because of the emphasis on score attack, you'll be urged to complete levels as quickly and effectively as you can in order to obtain the maximum score. There should be something for everyone because the exploration aspects of the game may also reward players for taking their time and thoroughly investigating each level.

Fans of 2D platformers and score-attack games should definitely check out Pizza Tower because it sounds like a fun and interesting game.

How to play Pizza Tower

Use mouse