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The player must discover the secret word in this word search game. This game could be considered the most potent Wordle substitute. In contrast to Wordle...

Sedecordle is an enjoyable word puzzle game that challenges players to guess sixteen 5-letter words using 21 tries or fewer. The game presents a grid with all 16 words hidden within it. Your objective is to correctly place the letters in each word within the given number of attempts. Let's delve into the instructions on how to play Sedecordle:

How to play Sedecordle:

  1. Typing Letters: Click on any letter at the bottom of the grid to input it into the first empty cell. Keep in mind that the letter you choose will be used twice, as it corresponds to two words at the same time.

  2. Forming Words: After typing five letters into the cells, press the Enter button to complete the word. The system will verify your input, and if the word is invalid, it will turn red. If this happens, you must retype the word correctly.

  3. Color Hints: The game provides color hints to assist you. If you choose the correct letter and place it in the right position for a word, the tiles will turn green for both corresponding words. If a letter is correct but placed in the wrong position, the tiles will turn yellow. Gray tiles indicate that those letters are not part of the word. Utilize these color hints to progress in the game. As you make progress, the available options will decrease, making it easier to narrow down correct choices.

  4. Correcting Mistakes: If you make a mistake while typing, click on the Backspace button to delete the misspelled letters and try again.

  5. Switching Word Pairs: The grid contains multiple word pairs, and you can switch between them using the numbers at the top of the grid. Click on a number to move to the corresponding word pair and continue guessing.

  6. Winning the Game: Your goal is to guess all sixteen words within 21 attempts. If you successfully find all the words within the allowed tries, you win the game.

Sedecordle challenges players' word-solving skills and deduction abilities. With limited attempts and overlapping letters for multiple words, it offers a unique and captivating gameplay experience. Keep honing your word knowledge and strategic thinking to conquer Sedecordle and uncover all sixteen hidden words.

How to play Sedecordle

Use mouse