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Start Survey

Start Survey is a straightforward but eerie thriller game. Players take on the role of the survey participants. Personal questions arise from there, keeping...

Start Survey is a straightforward but eerie thriller game. Players take on the role of the survey participants. Personal questions arise from there, keeping the experience interesting. The game was created by a small developer for an event, and the lack of polish shows. The game's intriguing premise makes it worthwhile to play through. Individuals may begin to question what they know about themselves after the first play.

Start Survey? : What Is The Game's Premise?

The players are seated at a desk against the wall. In front of them are a laptop and an alarm clock. Yes and No buttons appear on the screen beneath a simple question: Begin Survey. When a player clicks Yes to begin the game, the questions begin. The first few questions are frequently innocuous, but they lead to more serious ones. Players may begin to notice that the questions are about them and their data.

A Simple Change to Make Your Survey More Interesting

This is due to Start Survey? gaining access to a device's files. To personalize the survey experience, the game analyzes these files and data. As a result, players may be addressed by name and questioned about personal circumstances. It's an unsettling experience that culminates in some probing questions. Many users will be taken aback the first time a highly personalized question appears on the screen.

A Brief Experience With Privacy Issues

Playing through the Start Survey? usually takes 5-10 minutes. A specific person could answer questions quickly and finish sooner. Unsurprisingly, the game is quite short because players can only answer Yes or No. Using data on the machine that is running the game is a novel and intriguing idea. Such data usage raises privacy concerns, and not all users will agree to such access.

Start the Survey? : The Final Decision

Finally, Start Survey? is worth the 15-minute time investment from download to completion. Despite privacy concerns, the game provides a compelling experience. There are currently no plans for a sequel to the game. As a result, players may give this one a try and then never play it again. On the same machine, the replay value is minimal. However, Start Survey? is unique enough to recommend for casual players.


The game can be downloaded and completed in under 15 minutes.
This game is eerie and interesting due to its unique premise and data manipulation.


Concerns about data access and usage should not be overlooked.
Because of the simple design and lack of replay value, this is a one-time experience.

How to play Start Survey

Use mouse