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Waffle games appear to be the solution to your lack of interest in learning a language. When there are so many other game applications available for you to choose from, why choose us?

Waffle requires you to anticipate six words, as opposed to Wordle, which provides you six chances to guess a single word. You can rearrange the green, yellow, and white words in the game's grid to form six distinct words. 15 different word combinations are possible in all. The website claims that there are ten possible solutions for each Waffle.

They are in the right place, as evidenced by the green tiles. The yellow tiles serve as a visual cue that some letters in the word need to be arranged differently. Change the white tiles because they don't belong there.

The game is over when all of the tiles have been properly positioned or when all of your chances have been exhausted. Like Wordle, the game only allows one play per day and updates once every 24 hours.

Waffle laws:

The color of each tile shows how it relates to the final row of the grid:

The final row matches the green letter to a tee.
A yellow letter appears in the last row, although it is in a different column.
There is no grey letter in the final row.
For repeat letters, just the appropriate number of tiles will be colored, working from left to right and starting with the exact matches.
If you want a challenge, you ought to try Waffle.

How to Play Waffle by Swapping Letters with the Mouse

Green letters show the letter in the word and its proper location.

Words with yellow letters have letters that are misplaced.

Letters that are not in words are shown with gray letters.

This letter is in a corner, therefore either the vertical word already has it or it is missing.

How to play Waffle

Use mouse