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Who Are Ya?

Who are Ya? is a word-guessing game focused on football-related sports. How to play a game like Wordle. You successfully identify the object after eight tries..

Regarding Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? is a word-guessing game about sports, particularly football. How to perform a Wordle-like game. In eight tries, you correctly identify the soccer player.
There are two tiers from which you can select:
For those of you who enjoy a challenge, there won't be any blurred image options here. If you select "Hide Pictures," it will be harder.
Show Photo: The player's image will be obscured, making it simpler to determine who it is. The picture then gradually blurs and the player's identity is revealed with each failed attempt.
Under Settings, you can activate photographs whenever you like.


Can you play previous Who Are You challenges?
You can take on previous days' tasks by using Who is Ya? Go to Who Are Ya? and click the Calendar icon on the player image's left side to access an older challenge.

In addition to us, you can select from other sports including baseball, basketball, celebrity, cricket, football, gorl, ice hockey, racing, tennis, and volleyball to guess the word on the left-hand side.

How To Play

There will be in-game assistance:
Clicking the "Show player's club" button after four incorrect answers will assist you by displaying the player's club badge.
The daily reset of Who Are Ya?
Like Wordle!!, "Who is Ya?" refreshes each day at midnight local time. This indicates that you can get a new puzzle when the clock strikes twelve local times. You can view your stats once the game is over. The amount of time left for the subsequent quiz is indicated in the same dialog under the heading "Newly joined footballer."

How to play Who Are Ya?

Use mouse