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Word 500

Word500 is a difficult word game in which clues provide the number of valid letters but not which ones. It works in the same way that Wordle does, in that...

About Word500

Word500 is a challenging word game with clues indicating the number of correct letters but not which ones they are. It operates similarly to Wordle in that it tells you which letters are good, which are bad, and which are in the wrong location. It just tells you HOW MANY there are, not WHERE they are.

Word500 Playing Instructions

You only have eight tries to figure out the secret word. The three colored tiles on the right (green, yellow, and red) will tell you how close you were to the secret word after each guess.


1st guess (STARE)

"STARE" has two letters from the secret word, but in a different order. Three letters are missing from the secret word.

2nd Guess (PRINT)

"PRINT" contains one correct letter in the correct position, two correct letters in the incorrect position, and two letters that do not belong in the hidden word.

The letter "_" cannot be used to form a word, although it can be used to skip a letter while looking for the following one. If you get stuck, you can utilize the "Hint" button. Do you believe you'll be able to say no?

Word500 is available in three difficulty levels and eight distinct languages. Catalan, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese are the languages spoken. At the Standard level of difficulty (green smiley), the secret word cannot contain letters that are repeated (such as ORDER), and some letters are omitted.

Every day, a new secret word is added to each language and difficulty level. Each player will have six chances to pick the correct word. This means that your first five guesses can assist you in determining which letters are in the word and where they are located. Enjoy!

How to play Word 500

Use mouse